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Pull Up a Chair: Summer Camp

time to tell stories

Summer Camp. I have fond memories of camp, started out as a wee Brownie at the local Girl Scout camp, luckily my big sister went too so I wasn’t alone, even tho I don’t remember seeing her much. I remember we had nap time – lol. I also was housed with a family friend, a year older than me, who drew very naughty pictures of mermaids!! And there was a little elf who lived in the woods, he wore a sailor suit. One night he even took my shoes and got mud on them, the little imp. (How cute we must have seemed to the counselor). In the tent behind us were girls only staying for a week, instead of two, and they were homesick babies. In truth I think it shows the power of (small) group psychology. If I hadn’t known my tentmate and also had my big sister nearby, I would have been a bawling baby, too. Which reminds me, I took my Baby Dear babydoll to camp with me. Turns out one of those homesick girls moved to my school district in the 4th grade and we were instant BFFs, not realizing right away we had already met.

When I was older, my cousin and I went to a four-week(!) camp in what seemed to me a wilderness. Again I was lucky to not be alone, and when my cousin and our cabinmates jumped the owners’ daughter thinking it was me, we all got in with the in crowd, after they (un)ceremoniously tossed me in the lake to celebrate my birthday. I did get to shower by myself that day, avoiding that childhood horror of the group shower! IIRC it this was between 6th and 7th grade, that awkward age, so we did a lot a screaming about having to occasionally intermingle with the neighboring boys camp, including a dance (omigod omigod having to slow dance with the cootiebugs to Ferry Cross the Mersey).

At this camp we had a long running athletic contest, divvied up into two groups, the Coms and the Chees, and also two big affairs The first was a costume parade, I think for the 4th of July. I don’t remember what we wore, but I do remember the group costume of some older girls. There were prolly five girls, two used giant-size boxes painted up like dice, and the other three wore big placards artfully painted as playing cards, not unlike the old signboards worn by sidewalk advertisers. I used this idea myself with friends in college.

It was a riding camp really, I weaseled out of riding as much as I could – horses are BIG. I did well in Archery in particular, as I remember it, still have my junior yeoman pin in my jewelry box. I also still have the small dish I enamelled in a blue green ombre.

Archery, riflery, horseback riding, swimming, boating, crafts, and everything else. It was great fun. Hope you all were as lucky, at least.

Photo by Sam Howzit under Creative Commons license

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