Information or Disinformation on Snowden’s Whereabouts?

Street Graffiti of Snowden

Edward Snowden, where is he now?

Emptywheel wrote a good post this morning about the possibility of disinformation coming out of Ecuador after a surveillence device was discovered in the office of its Embassador to London.

Here’s a timeline of a few events leading up to yesterday’s UNASUR meeting that *may* indicate a campaign was carried out to protect Snowden from detection while traveling to safety. Of course, no one knows where Snowden is now or whether he is, in fact, safe.

June 14: US indicts Edward Snowden in unreleased document. Link. UK advises airlines to deny Edward Snowden a ticket to fly to UK. Link

June 16: Bug found in ambassador’s office in Ecuador’s London Embassy but not made public.

June 17: Ecuador says it would consider granting Snowden asylum. Link

June 17: FM Patino arrives at Ecuador’s London Embassy for meeting with UK about Assange. Assange marks one year at embassy after seeking Asylum. Link

June 22: Travel documents created by Ecuador’s London Embassy allowing Edward Snowden to leave Hong Kong. Documents not actually signed by Ecuador’s Consul. (According to guardian via Link)

June 23: Snowden reportedly leaves Hong Kong for Russia. Revoked passport is used for travel, but only report of Snowden on flight is from Aeroflot official. Link No one has actually seen Snowden there. Link

June 24: Aeroflot official confirms Snowden booked on flight to Cuba, but he does not arrive for flight. Link

Assange writes letter to Ecuadorian officials apologizing for seemingly taking over communications about Snowden amid semi public row. Ecuador officials say Snowden’s travel documents invalid. Link

June 25: FM Patino gives presser in Vietnam saying he doesn’t know “exactly” where Snowden is. Link

June 28: Biden asks Correa to deny Snowden Asylum. Link

July 2: Evo Morales’ plane denied entry to airspace in France, Spain, Portugal and forced to land in Austria where the plane was reportedly searched for Snowden, who was not found aboard. Prior to flight Morales joked about Snowden waiting for him to leave.

July 3: Ecuador publicly announces that it found bug in its London Embassy in mid June.

July 4: UNASUR meets. Bolivia threatens to close US Embassy.

Has the US been played by Ecuador and Wikileaks with a campaign of disinformation to find safety for Snowden while shaming the US and its hapless international accomplice nations? Are ALBA nations working together to arrange refuge for Snowden?

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