In case y’all missed it, we don’t actually live in nation states any more.  This is a global “market state”.

Deal with it.

The old, failed constitutional order might have called for an archaic notion of “human right and civil liberties” (things like political asylum) but it’s now only the “human right” to not be ethnically cleansed.

Civil liberties are now things like this:

For example, organ farms (really “hospitals” that removed organs from paid donors) arose in Pakistan, the Philippines and various other states to supply first-world demand for transplants


Wanna talk about “freedom”? Oh, hell, this is really “freedom!”


In Russia at this time, a new form of civil right was introduced. It permitted any citizen or registered company to buy shares in the state, thus giving weighted voting according to the number of shares purchased.


But this isn’t scary or even worthy of comment, much less mockery. Surely Philip Bobbittt is just some obscure type.

All good liberals must mock those  who see this (Terror and Consent. Shield of Achilles) happening.

Forever, amen.  Lest the almighty gods of snark  rebel (coz, yanno, snark matters much more than analyzing wars and geopolitics and financial crime  and all that silly stuff.)



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