Rupert Murdoch says 'sorry' in Newspaper Adverts

Rupert Murdoch says ‘sorry’ in Newspaper Adverts

The level of cognitive disconnect and complete hypocrisy that one can read on the intertubes can be shocking at times.  Especially from thieves, liars, and criminals.  But what’s a sociopath to do?  (I truly hope future ages will look back and see the hardships and struggles the sociopaths went through while they were taking care of themselves and their families at the expense of the law and everyone else.  Well they are sociopaths, what’d you expect?)

This little gem of whining and rationalizing is all thanks to the sociopath of the decade: Rupert Murdoch (ya, it was a tough choice between him, the Koch brothers, or our government.  Rupert wins this round).  But let’s get to the meat, if you will ….

ExaroNews a British investigative web site, has just published the full transcript of a secretly recorded meeting between media mogul Rupert Murdoch and the staff of The Sun, a U.K. tabloid owned by News Corp., in which Murdoch admitted that he was aware for decades that journalists from his newspapers had been bribing both police and public officials.

According to the site (which is behind a paywall), the meeting took place in a boardroom at The Sun‘s headquarters in East London with Murdoch at the head of the table. Present were nearly two dozen executives and reporters from The Sun, who had been arrested on allegations of illegal newsgathering practices.

Ah wait, but who got these wonderful soundbites?  Was it an undercover reporter?  Oh no.  In a tribute o the phrase “honor among thieves”,

The Sun staffers were irate over Murdoch’s decision to supply mass internal communications to the police “that had betrayed confidential sources, some of whom were public officials who received no payment for information,” reports ExaroNews.

The journalists felt that News Corp. had turned them into “scapegoats.” It was with that mindset that some entered the room with hidden digital recorders.

No! I tell you I’m shocked.  Utterly, completely, totally, …. ya, I’m not that shocked.  When you purposely hire and select for people who only care for themselves, and are more than happy (eager even, hell one could say giddy) at screwing over the public and the law, did you really think this gang of sociopaths would care a whit about turning on you?  Really?  C’mon son, these are the people you chose.  Hand-picked and selected.  They did exactly what you would have done, …  they’re sociopaths, just like you.

Graham Dudman, The Sun’s former managing editor, began by telling Murdoch that everyone in the room was loyal to the company up until their arrest:

One thing that everybody in this room shares – everybody in this room shares – whether we are 20-something, 30-something, 40-something, 50-something or 60-something, is that we were arrested, thrown into police cells, treated as common criminals in front of our children, our families, and our neighbours, and our friends and our colleagues, for doing nothing more than the company expected of us – nothing.

Loyal up to their arrest.  They got the big bucks, they were “loyal”.  They followed orders.  Break the law, no problem.  Violate privacy of others, no problem.  Hack phones, cause personal pain and suffering in others, and basically be Aholes, … sociopaths, no problem.  Be accountable to the law, … well that “loyalty” only goes so far.  I love the line (and the unbelievable size of this guy’s balls), “… treated as common criminals in front of our children, our families, and our neighbours, and our friends and our colleagues, for doing nothing more than the company expected of us – nothing.”

You Aholes were treated as common criminals because … [wait for it] … you are Fing criminals.  You invaded peoples’ privacy, illegally.  All for the buck.  You are Fing criminals.  You are the lowest of the low.  (A man steals bread for his starving family – I get that).  But this sick bastards are rolling in it.  They’re doing just fine.  They’re families are not starving.  They just did it for the buck.  Capitalism, ain’t it grande?

The company expected them to violate the laws – they did.  But now, these criminals have the gall, the temerity, the king-size cajones, to actually say they were just following orders, and they did nothing wrong?  That they have been persecuted?

It’s at this point that Murdoch acknowledges that illegal newsgathering practices were a long-standing part of the culture (emphasis added):

I guarantee you that [medical support] will continue. And I will do everything in my power to give you total support, even if you’re convicted and get six months or whatever. I think it’s just outrageous, but—and I don’t know of anybody, or anything, that did anything that wasn’t being done across Fleet Street and wasn’t the culture. And we’re being picked on. I think that it was the old right-wing establishment, [Lord] Puttnam, or worse, the left-wing get-even crowd of Gordon Brown. There was a sort of—we got caught with dirty hands, I guess, with the News of the World, and everybody piled in. It was a get-even time for things that were done with The Sun over the last 40 years, 38 years, whatever it is.

He went further, specifically acknowledging he had long been aware of the News of the World’s routine practice of lining the pockets of cops for information:

RM: We’re talking about payments for news tips from cops: that’s been going on a hundred years, absolutely. You didn’t instigate it….

I remember when I first bought the News of the World, the first day I went to the office… and there was a big wall-safe… And I said, “What’s that for?”

And they said, “We keep some cash in there.”

And I said, “What for?”

They said, “Well, sometimes the editor needs some on a Saturday night for powerful friends. And sometimes the chairman [the late Sir William Carr] is doing badly at the tables, (laughter) and he helps himself…”

So you’ve been breaking the law for a while, aka “the culture”.  If that’s your “culture”, YOU ARE FING CRIMINALS, YOU ARE FING SOCIOPATHS.  That includes his more-than-eager-to-break-the-law “executives and reporters”.  If you “culture” involves paying off cops, “payments for news tips from cops: that’s been going on a hundred years”, then YOU ARE A FING CRIMINAL.

The last part, where family members of the criminals and sociopaths whine about how horrible it is for their families is truly sickening.  Yes, the cops raided their homes.  Sorry you are a family member of a sociopath and criminal.  But why blame others and not, … oh I don’t know, … the sociopath and criminal in your family.  The houses were raided because THEY ARE CRIMINALS.  Why not blame the criminals, instead of some “political hype” excuse.

I wanted to end with some pointed comments:

EyeHeartPieNitasha Tiku


So the company expected you to be common criminals (breaking laws makes you a criminal), and you complied. Maybe you should have thought of that before paying off officials and police, and hacking cell phones. Following orders is not a valid excuse. Wednesday 3:51pm



Don’t you hate it when you’re treated like a criminal in front of your colleagues and family simply because you did illegal things? Wednesday 4:14pm

Leo_11Nitasha Tiku


VictorScopeNitasha Tiku


Boo Hoo.

If you don’t enjoy being arrested in front of your grandchild, maybe you should have thought twice about working for a worthless, lawbreaking, piece of shit tabloid owned by a well-documented asshole who lacks the empathy necessary to treat even his own family with the decency they deserve, much less the expendable goons who work for him.

Weasels. Wednesday 5:02pm

oakenguyNitasha Tiku


If Tolkien wrote a chapter at the end of his last book where all the remaining Mordor generals gathered in a boardroom to complain about how they were being mistreated by Aragorn and his army, it would sound almost exactly like this. “They’re treating us like common war criminals!” Wednesday 6:23pm

GhostWomanNitasha Tiku


Lay with dogs, get fleas. They all sold their souls to work for Murdoch, I have no sympathy for a single one of them. Just glad they bit the hand that fed them and taped the session. Yesterday 3:44am

Photo from Surian Soosay licensed under Creative Commons