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Egyptian Military Fires On Pro-Morsi Demonstrators

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As Washington plays the blame game over the coup in Egypt, those protesting the coup are being gunned down in the streets. Three supporters of Mohamed Morsi were killed as supporters marched towards the military barracks in Cairo where they believe Morsi is being held.

At least three supporters of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi were killed by gunfire as a crowd of several hundred tried to march towards the military barracks in Cairo where he is believed to be held… “One protester broke away from the rally to stick a pro-Morsi poster on the barbed-wire around the barracks. He was shot in the head with birdshot,” he said…

An army spokesman denied that troops opened fire on supporters, saying that soldiers were using only blank rounds and teargas. It was unclear whether security forces other than the army were present.

While many Egyptians supported President Morsi’s removal from power, the Muslim Brotherhood are furious and correctly claim that Morsi was democratically elected in free and fair elections – thus making him the legitimate leader.

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The coup has split Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters vowing to fight to restore President Mori and not to accept nor participate in a new government.

The Egyptian Military has already announced its transition plan and hopes to have a democratically elected government in place – needed to quality for U.S. foreign aid – shortly. Though it is an open question what kind of confidence any new president or leader could have in their authority given that the Egyptian Military apparently reserves the right to depose the head of state. In the final analysis, who is really in charge of Egypt?

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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