And the over the top reaction to it and Edward Snowden’s revelations. The diversion of the Morales aircraft on suspicion of Snowden being on board. The Kangaroo Court being held to persecute Badly Manning.  The persecution of Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

I grew up during the Cold War years. Thought I was too young to remember the McCarthy Hearings, I did read and hear a lot about them when I grew older. As well as all the anti-communist paranoia and propaganda that came out. COINTELPRO during the Vietnam war protests and suspicion that MLK and the Civil Rights movement may have been communist inspired. All of which as dis-proven.

Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers that finally told the truth about the war.

By the end of the 1970s all of the paranoia was exposed and dispelled. McCarthy and his House UnAmerican Activities were shamed out of existence early on.

So what actually is the reason behind the spying and bugging and wiretapping ? I personally find the excuse of “National Security” extremely hard to swallow.

The 9/11 / War of Terrorism meme does not hold water as Europe has done a far better job of intercepting and stopping any terrorist attacks than we have. And the exposure of American military war atrocities doesn’t either as we have been involved with that kind of behavior since WWII or even before. Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Iraq…..all had some major atrocities and everyone knew it.


Could it be getting information to manipulate, coerce, black mail or otherwise influence other countries economic, financial, political and/or legal activities to the benefit of our elites and Wall Street. To protect Wall Street from any foreign ramifications of their behavior and  illegal dealings.  Corporate maleficence and fraud.

To make sure our allies and those we do business with do not support those countries and/or groups who do not support corporate America unquestioningly.

One has to wonder.