President Obama knocked it out of the closed park—closed in that the audience was not open to the public with even the environmental representative attendees hand-picked; there were no hecklers such as Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin in that crowd. The President batted 900 hitting many of the right notes: that 2012 was the hottest year on record; that we’re experiencing super storms, drought, and wild fires, all causing loss of life and property; drought and heat is devastating agriculture causing rising costs of food; and all due to climate change. Central to his plan is converting the nation’s power plants to clean energy.

Enforcing the law (which the EPA already passed and which has been upheld up in the courts) to convert the nation’s power plants to clean energy is badly needed. But let’s not pretend natural gas is the solution – not even an interim solution. If the President is serious, he needs to be talking about converting those plants to solar and wind. And he needs to stop talking in secret about locking us into the TPP and EU trade agreements.

And the Keystone XL Pipeline–we’ll wait and see if the evidence shows it will have a negative impact on the environment? Come on!

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Janet Wise

Janet Wise