Well, good morning Over Easy-ers! I may not be up when this posts, but I will try. Looks like a busy work week coming up, so I’ll drop in and out. Got some errands to, a bunch of phone calls to make, and some research and writing due as well.

Cat naps on towels

Meow! It’s Over Easy!

I have no idea what anybody wants to hear today: as for me, my mood is a regular mix of outrage and anger at what the people we laughingly say govern us are doing, and a more simple satisfaction with some personal parts of my life.

For example, a nice thing is that one of my cats has decided that evenings are time for her to sleep on my lap for a couple of hours. This can be a pain when I want to get up, but since she’s been spending days on the floor gazing out the sliding doors and seeming to ignore me, I rather like the lap thing.

The other two are spending quality time together on the sofa, on a pile of once-clean towels I mistakenly dropped there to fold later…two weeks ago. They look so comfy I don’t have the heart to move them and put the towels away. At this point, of course, the towels need washing again. Oh well.

Naturally, I liked yellowsnapdragon’s bring back Caturday for last Tuesday; I miss it too, so why not? Tell us your animal tales. Loved Box Turtle’s story about his poor “skunked” Husky. Is Bear Country out there? BC, you always have good animal stories; anything good lately?

In the world of outrage … man, it’s just hard to keep up, ain’t it? So much terrible stuff happening everywhere. The horrible bill restricting abortion and access to reproductive healthcare of all kinds in Texas sorta cuts both ways…the filibuster gave us kind of an energizing boost, a vision that if we get ourselves together to really fight, we can beat those right-wing a—–s in the Lege.

Yeah, it was only a temporary victory, but as usual, only because our opponents don’t play fair. The thing is, as local State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte said to Chris Hayes Monday night, those 5000-6000 people at the Capitol Monday at noon were not the usual Democratic activists. They were folks who were infuriated by watching last week and seeing, maybe for the first time, how the Texas Senate Republicans cheated and manipulated rules and flat-out made things up to falsely end the filibuster.

Democrats, as we all know well, have been demoralized in states like Texas and have kind of been passive while the far right has run wilder and wilder. This little wake-up call could be the beginning of a change in Texas Democrats, and that could mean a change in Texas government.

If Texas really goes “blue”and begins reversing the terrible laws passed under the Perry regime, including the shameful redistricting of the last couple of times, then there’s hope for the other states under republican control.
Or so I’m allowing myself to think tonight.

What do you all think?

Discuss among yourselves, and I’ll be by in a bit.

Photo by normanack released under a Creative Commons license.