Hawthorne Police Department scrub negative comments from the HPD Facebook after citizens protest over police killing a dog

The original story:

The video links keep getting deleted from youtube, and then getting reposted so google “police kill dog” (  SEE THE WHOLE VIDEO!!! (approx 3:30, and not the 30 second clip)

Man tapes police.  Man has a dog, rottweiler.  Police are apparently finishing a bust of some sort (see press release, and, and 3 officers were about a block away keeping a perimeter.  The man was just recording it on his cell phone and kept a good distance from the cops.  The cops then approach.  The man sees them approaching, puts the dog in the car (windows 1/2 down, it’s a dog thing, you never leave your dog in a car with a closed window).  Then the man approaches the cops as they are motioning to him.  He turns around with his hands behind his back and they cuff him.  ZERO resistance!!!

The dog sees his owner arrested.  Jumps out the window.  And the rest, … well see the video.

To me, the dog is not aggressive in the least.  If you’ve ever seen a dog get angered, you know.  The dog approached.  The police kept the man in cuffs.  One officer tries to get the leash (what a Fing moron!!! never do that do a dog unless you’re the owner).  When dogs attack, you can tell.  They don’t mess around.  But this dog was confused.  On the second or third attempt to grab the leash (Fing moron!!!), the officer panicked when the dog “got too close” (no kidding, consider that the officer made a point of getting close to the dog to grab his leash/collar), and then he shot it.  Not once, not twice, not three times.  But 4 times.  Almost point blank.

The dog reeled back, and he starts to die slowly on the street (looks like a seizure), … it is hard to watch.  The dog just looks Fing, … you can kinda see the life slipping away and the dog is fighting it.  4 shots!  Point-blank.  In a neighborhood.  And the … it’s dying man.  It’s dying on the street.  Like garbage.  The same way the police treat the homeless, aka not-human, less-than-human.  Not the way I’d want to go.

Hawthorne police dept Facebook page:

So I went over to check it out.  Lots of negative and angry comments.  No pepper spray, no tazer (which they can do very effectively  And they’re scrubbing the comments right now.  They’ve been scrubbing them for an hour, which is when I first went.  And they’re doing a good job of it.  By tomorrow, any negative comments from today will have been completely scrubbed.

Oh well, that’s why they call it a Police State.

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