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Fatster’s Roundup

Good morning.

International Developments

? The heavvies have flexed:  “Army Gives [Egyptian] Politicians 48 Hours”.  President Morsi won’t budge until the US says so.

? “Suicide bomber targets Iraq Shia mosque killing 22.”

? “Pakistan angers Afghans by suggesting Taliban share power”.

? Monks in Rangoon, Burma demonstrate against Time Magazine.

? “More action is needed to stop militants acquiring plutonium or highly-enriched uranium that could be used for atomic bombs, nuclear experts and government officials said” at a meeting in Vienna.

International Finance

? But why?  “Croatia has become the 28th member of the European Union”.

? Both the “director and deputy director of the Vatican bank have resigned”.

Money Matters USA

? Krugman:  “War On the Unemployed”.  There’s “a nationwide movement under way to punish the unemployed, based on the proposition that we can cure unemployment by making the jobless even more miserable.”

? Another way to screw American workers: Issue pre-paid cards rather than pay checks.  Workers must pay a fee to use the cards–sometimes so large that “some employees end up making less than the minimum wage”.

? VA is using prepaid cards, too–for individual tax refunds.  Thanks to Republicans.

? Tribune Co of Chicago “emerged from bankruptcy protection Dec. 31″ and has  earnings problems.  So, it just announced the purchase of Local TV Holdings for  $2.73bn. Loan backers are “JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse”.

? “Nightmare” traffic in San Francisco as BART workers strike. [cont’d.]

Photo by Canton Becker under Creative Commons license

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Dan Wright

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