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Bradley Manning Trial, Day 14 (Live Updates)

Court reporters and Colonel Denise Lind. Pic by C. Stoeckley.

4:50 PM EST I’ll be at the proceedings when they resume at Fort Meade on Monday, July 8, with the defense moving to dismiss charges and proceeding with their case. In the meantime, I am enjoying a bit of break as I continue to write about the latest in the story of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

As always, thanks for supporting the coverage I am doing of the Manning trial and, in particular, thanks to my assistant Jeff Creamer, who today helped me with keep this post updated.

4:40 PM EST Alexa O’Brien on the unclassified summary of Daniel Lewis, counterintelligence expert from DIA: he testified on “value” of US government information in CIDNE-I, CIDNE-A, JTF GTMO, State Dept NetCentric Diplomacy Database, and US-I Microsoft Exchange Global Address List. The testimony was classified and delivered in a closed session.

CIDNE-I and CIDNE-A are where the Iraq and Afghanistan War Logs were held. JTF GTMO is where Manning downloaded the “Gitmo Files.” NetCentric had the diplomatic cables. And the Global Address List is a list of military email addresses that the military says Manning downloaded onto a computer and stole.

4:30 PM EST Nathan Fuller: Defense will begin its case on July 8. Also, “Manning’s defense is likely to move to dismiss charges based on insufficient evidence (RCM 917) [seems this is usual motion after prosecution].”

4:27 PM EST Alexa O’Brien: The US government has rested its case.

3:46PM EST  Alexa O’Brien: Court is still in a closed session– we wait. @carwinb

11:43AM EST  There’s a classified supplement to the Judge’s ruling on whether DIA’s counterintel agent Dan Lewis is an expert; we won’t see that portion. @nathanfuller

11:32AM EST  Court will be taking an extended lunch, then going into CLOSED session to take Lewis’ testimony as CI expert, then OPEN session again at 3:30 pm EST. @carwinb

11:26AM EST  The court has qualified Daniel Lewis as a counterintelligence expert, but he is not accepted as an expert in placing value on classified information. @onearmedmaninc

The prosecution in the trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning is likely to rest its case today. This could happen any time after they finish with a senior-level person from the Defense Intelligence Agency named Daniel Lewis, who the prosecutors were trying to have qualified as an “expert” in both counterintelligence and the valuation of classified information.

Four of the charges Manning faces (Specification 4, 8, 12 & 16) allege that he stole, purloined, or knowingly converted “to his use or the use of another, a record or thing of value of the United States or of a department or agency thereof” and “of a value of more than $1000” in violation of a statute prohibiting the embezzlement of government property.

When the court recessed yesterday, it was unknown if Lewis had been qualified as an “expert” or what testimony he had given on how much the documents Manning provided to WikiLeaks would have been worth to a foreign intelligence agency or a terrorist group or adversary. In any case, the defense cross-examination elicited testimony where Lewis admitted he could not tell someone what certain documents were worth. Only a foreign adversary could know what documents from the United States government were worth to them.


Note: The trial is expected to be on “break” or recess from July 3 to July 7 and will resume proceedings on July 8. I had intended to be on a flight from Washington, DC, to Chicago, where I am based.

My assistant, Jeff Creamer, will be posting updates to this blog from the other diligent and intrepid reporters who have been covering the Manning trial: independent journalist Alexa O’Brien (@carwinb), Bradley Manning Support Network reporter Nathan Fuller (@nathanlfuller), Adam Klasfeld (@onearmedmaninc). Also, follow sketch artist Clark Stoeckley (@WikiLeaksTruck).

It should be a short day. A portion of proceedings may even be conducted in a closed session.

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