Over Easy: Monday Science

Cute, eh?

Meet The Dumbo Octopus!


It’s been an annoying week with the weather here, rain every day though most of the day is clear. Locally intense thunderstorms causing power outages, including one that took out our whole neighborhood by dropping a huge branch on a transformer. It’s better than the heat wave some of you are getting, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.

On the subject of complaining, RIP GALEX. GALEX was Nasa’s galaxy hunter spacecraft, shut down for lack of money. We’d already spent the cash to get it into place and it was working fine. But it can’t be used on terrorists or protestors, so we needed the money for drones.

On the good news front, NASA has launched IRIS.  It’s job is to use a UV telescope to study the region between the sun’s surface and the corona and maybe answer the question of why that region is so hot (>1M degrees) yet the surface of the sun is “only” about 10,000F.

Three planets in the habitable zone of a nearby star. It appears that planets are common, and planets in the habitable zone aren’t rare.  I remember when I was a kid, it was assumed that the only way we’d know about planets around other stars was to go visit.

This is a good thing, as we appear determined to render out own planet lifeless. Coral reefs MIGHT last another 80 years. And one cold winter is all it takes for for belief in global warming to drop. But given the amount of money being spent to discredit it, perhaps that’s not a shock.

Shorter Obama: Coal bad, fracking good, don’t pin me down on Keystone.

Wetlands suck up carbon. So we clear them to make room for more GM corn.

New region of the oceans, introducing the plastisphere! It appears that bugs can live there quite well. Fish and mammals, not so much.

This really is a bandwidth breakthrough. A lot of the desired traffic is streaming video anymore and anything that opens up the pipes is a good thing. We’re running out of colors.

Babies created from three people via IVF! It’s not speculation, its now an approved technique in the UK! There is actually a third set of DNA in a cell, the Mitochondria. The theory here is to replace that with a third persons if it is defective, as it is passed down elusively via the mother.

Current Fukushima plan. They admit that the locations of the corium from all three reactors in unknown. And they admit that the MOX fuel in a meltdown is way more dangerous than normal fuel. So the Japan government is forcing reactors use use more of it!

The squid are taking a week off, so meet the Dumbo octopus!

Boxturtle (Am I the only person who REALLY looks forward to fireworks? Wheeeee!)

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