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The Sunday June 30th Cairo Demonstrations – Live Blog

I’m beginning an attempt at a live blog here of Sunday’s demonstrations in Egypt in protest of government and administration policies.

There have been rumors and articles predicting a severe clampdown on social media output from the country.

Here’s the most recent Reuters synopsis:

CAIRO (Reuters) – Rival protesters in Egypt’s capital insist they want to avoid bloodshed during mass rallies against President Mohamed Mursi on Sunday, but both are clearly ready for a confrontation.

As the opposing sides vie for the revolution’s mantle, Mursi’s Islamist supporters have set up checkpoints around a Cairo rally, recalling the human chains that protected protesters during the 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

Thickset men stand in rows by guard rails, hefting wooden or plastic rods and wearing hard hats and body armor. They check ID cards and frisk visitors.

“We will defend the revolution, we will defend legitimacy,” a banner with a picture of Mursi reads above a stage set up at the rally of a few thousand outside a mosque.

Sunday marks Mursi’s first year in office – a period his opponents say is long enough, blaming him and his Muslim Brotherhood for Egypt’s economic malaise and accusing them of trying to impose strict religious values on a diverse country.

They now hope mass demonstrations will topple him just as they swept out Mubarak over two years ago.

Twitter has not gotten active enough from the people and groups I follow to compete with the Tibetans, who are very active at this time of day.  Here’s Sara Hussein a minute ago.  She is a reporter for Agence France-Presse:

Starting now, every Egyptian abroad, myself included, is going to be worried sick about #Egypt and their family and friends there #June30

I’ll try to keep people informed, probably pass the topic off to another thread overnight.


After waiting almost an hour, with this potential live blog attempt in edit mode:

The last new story to show up on Goggle News was five hours ago.

My last tweet from an Egypt-connected progressive was 45 minutes ago.

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