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Come Saturday Morning: At a McDonald’s in Wadena, Minnesota


While waiting in line at the local Mac ‘n’ Don’s in Wadena, a small city in west-central Minnesota, I saw a stack of one-sheet, two-page newsletters put out by two of the local radio stations, KSKK and KVKK.

The newsletter for June 27, 2013 had three news stories in it, one-paragraph summaries of the major events locally and nationally of the previous day. The first concerned the city of New York Mills’ decision to charge its in-town residents $400 an hour for fire services. Now New York Mills residents get to be stuck with huge bills as well as see their homes burn down, just like the people in New Castle, Indiana. The second concerned a murder-suicide of a married couple in Little Falls Township. The third was a positive story on Minnesota reaction to the Supreme Court’s striking down DOMA and Prop 8. (Yes, LGBT people live in rural areas, and they are increasingly making themselves heard.)

So what’s shakin’ in your neck of the woods?

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