Every child deserves a mother and a father and another father.  That’s the message National Organization for Marriage is sending with the family silhouette in the banner topping its latest email.  Is there something Brian Brown wants to tell us about his family?

Of course NOM isn’t really promoting polyamory. Not consciously, anyway.  This is just another sex-oriented mistake, which NOM seems prone to. Who can forget their use of the sexy personals ad acronym 2M4M as the catchy shorthand name for their “2 Million For Marriage” initiative?

Or the amply-nippled boobies used to create the silhouetted mommy and daddy figures on NOM’s Prop 8 lawn signs?

Everyone makes mistakes, of course, and that almost certainly is what the polyamorous banner is. But when an organization like NOM, which is all about imparting the opinion that gay = sex but straight = family, it’s amusing how frequently their own “family-oriented” minds seem to unconsciously wander into forbidden territory.

Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer