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International Developments

? “German chancellor Angela Merkel has warned against shipping weapons to Syrian rebels fighting to overthrow President Bashar Assad.”  The “risks would be incalculable.”

? “U.N.-appointed inspectors, blocked from entering Syria, are in Turkey to gather information about possible use of chemical weapons in the civil war”.

? Top British officer: “We should have talked to Taliban.”

? “Pro- and anti-government protests under way in Egypt”.   So far, six acknowledged killed.

? Anti-Obama demonstrators in Johannesburg, South Africa, protesting “U.S. policy on Cuba, the war in Afghanistan, global warming and other issues.”

International Finance

? Christine Lagard of the International Monetary Fund:  “Climate change will create jobs.  It will create disasters before it creates jobs, but it will create jobs.”  The woman should find something more suitable to do, like growing turnips for a living. Organically.

? A “recently suspended” Vatican Bank accountant and two others were arrested for plotting “to bring 20 million euros ($26 million) into Italy from Switzerland illegally.

? “China’s largest wind-turbine company has been charged with stealing trade secrets from its American former software supplier,” says US Justice Department.

? “Why Is the Obama Administration Suddenly So Interested in African Farms?”  Because “US businesses stand to profit”?

? “Central banks sell record sums of US debt” and “bond funds suffered the biggest ever investor withdrawals” after The Fed’s Ben Bernanke mentioned ending Quantitative Easing.

? “Obama Administration, Congress Intensify Opposition To Global Generic Drug Industry”.  Politics in the service of corporations to cripple generic drug manufacture in India where desperate poverty prevails.

? Having eliminated such jobs in the US, Bank of America “opened a unit in India to review home-valuation reports”.

? The manager of the FL-based Specialty Medical Supplies factory in Beijing, a US citizen held captive by workers since June 21st, has been released.

Money Matter USA

? US Bank and Dealers’ Financial Services are refunding “$6.5 million to 50,000 military service members” after being caught misleading them about auto loans, thanks to   the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

? “North Carolina not only is cutting benefits for those who file new [unemployment] claims, it will become the first state disqualified from a federal compensation program for the long-term jobless.”

? Once-Senators Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Scott Brown (R-MA) are involved in a 501(c)(4) organization, Bipartisan Coalition for American Security, which exists to ensure Iran is the eternal enemy.  Wait’ll you see who the founder is.

? “The Defense Department wants to continue working with contractors to pump propaganda into Afghanistan”–even though its effectiveness is doubtful and the program lacks oversight. [cont’d.]

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.