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It’s Cartoon Friday, again!

Wendy Davis

A 12-hour filibuster is reduced to a 2 minute cartoon.

With the Texas legislature reintroducing abortion bans in both the House and Senate and pro-choice activists signing up by the hundreds to arrive at the Capitol on Monday, how could I resist sharing this cartoon version of filibuster hero Wendy Davis?

This cartoon is created by the Taiwanese Next Media Animation, who were first noticed by many in the United States when they created animated versions of the Tiger Woods fiasco. They’ve also recently created their version of the Justin Carter story, the Austin, Texas, teenager who faces 8 years in jail for his sarcastic tweet.

These cartoons entertain not just because they are a playful take on real news, but also because they offer another country’s perspective. When they animate American police, they choose to use modified military animations instead. They miss the “unruly mob” of the SB5 case (hard to animate) but include the ghost of Ann Richards and a quick but astute joke about Austin racism, as whites are seen fleeing from a safe grocery store become a (misspelled) Mexican market.

What are your favorite cartoons? I’ll try to use them in a future installment.


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Photo by Tracy Nanthavongsa released under a Creative Commons license.

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