Thursday Night Basset Blogging

Since I just got home after spending the day inland (90+ degree heat! and there is no life east of I5, by the way) with my mom, I didn’t have time to get anything new taken. That being the case, and since it is beach weather (Zonies go home!) I dipped into the archives from Feb 2008 (also beach weather) of pudgy Beckham at the beach:

For those unfamiliar, the combination of beach sand and basset drool, when dried, could be used to pave airstrips strong enough for military transport aircraft or to buff out a diamond if the need arose.

This is still my favorite Beach Beckham picture. If you follow the link you can click  through a bunch of other pictures of him by clicking the next post  link at the top of the page. Particularly for those who are new to the Beckham story.

He really loved running and barking  his fool head off there…

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