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Revealed: US Diplomatic Cables That Bradley Manning Is Charged With Releasing

In military court at Fort Meade, Maryland, today, Pfc. Bradley Manning’s trial continued with stipulated testimonies being read into the record.

The afternoon featured stipulated testimonies from high-ranking diplomats at the State Department:  Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (PDAS) John Feeley, Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) James Moore, Amb. David Pearce, PDAS H. Dean Pittman, Amb. Stephen Seche, Amb. Don Yamamoto, Amb Marie Yavanovitch, Amb. Joseph Yun and Mr. Nicholas Murphy, an information services officer who reviewed all the charged diplomatic cables.

Murphy’s stipulated testimony contained a complete list of all the charged diplomatic cables.

As noted in the below document, all message record numbers were read making it possible to go locate the diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks and figure out what the United States government is charging Manning with releasing.

He is charged with releasing 117 diplomatic cables: 96 confidential diplomatic cables and 21 secret diplomatic cables.

Furthermore, two uncharged diplomatic cables were reviewed by Amb. Seche, who happens to also be an original classification authority who can review classified information. He reviewed this diplomatic cablesent by the State Department on February 18, 2009, on a National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP).

The other cable is from Doha, Qatar. It was sent on March 26, 2009, and involves US investments in Qatar’s energy industry.

Below is a document containing the full list.

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US State Embassy Cables Bradley Manning is Charged with Releasing [LIST] (PDF)

US State Embassy Cables Bradley Manning is Charged with Releasing [LIST] (Text)

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Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola

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