Creepy Ass Cracker Sees The Fire Next Time A’Comin’, Yeah Boy

The Ole Perfesser, Glenn Reynolds, who holds the Abner Snopes Fancy Larnin’ Chair at University of Tennessee, hitches up his drawers, spits in the dust, and chews on the ragged edge of a Slim Jim as he points out that the high yeller President and his race pimp party want George Zimmerman to walk away scot-free like William Zanzinger in order to get the bloods all het up so they’ll bum rush the voting booths in 2014:

“TRAIN WRECK” WITNESS: Rachel Jeantel made it sound like Travon Martin profiled George Zimmerman… or… what is a “creepy ass cracker”? Somebody ask Paula Deen.

But here’s the key: Obama and the Democrats would actually prefer an acquittal here. That’s because the whole point of the ginned-up Zimmerman affair was to inflame racial sentiment to boost black turnout in 2012. With any luck, they can turn an acquittal into another racial rallying cry, which will help in 2014. It’s not about Zimmerman; he’s just one of those eggs you have to break to make an Obama omelet.

Yeah, about “inflame(ing) racial sentiment to increase black turnout” thing?

Not so much:

The increase in black turnout seemed to stem from both energized voters and a successful voter-mobilization effort by the Obama campaign and civil rights groups. Many black voters were motivated not only to protect the president, political organizers said, but also to demonstrate their own right to vote.

In several states, Republican legislators tried to increase voter-ID requirements, limit voting times and make registration more difficult, efforts that civil rights groups aggressively opposed.

“We are accustomed to people trying to deny us things, and I think sometimes you wake the sleeping giant, and that’s what happened here,” said Marvin Randolph, the N.A.A.C.P.’s senior vice president for campaigns.

Mr. Randolph cited an Obama campaign memo boasting that the black early vote was up by at least 17 percent in a series of battleground states that offered the option, including Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Colorado and North Carolina. “They stood in line so they wouldn’t get their vote denied,” Mr. Randolph added.

But geographic figures also suggest that black voters flocked to the polls even with little nudging from political organizers. Among the states where blacks had the highest turnout rates relative to whites were Republican bastions where neither campaign devoted many resources, like Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Well, hells fire boys, it looks like the harder’n Republicans tried to stop the colored folk from a’votin’, the harder’n they pushed back. So we might as well save a few gubmint bucks and call off the whole dingdang trial because, if increased African-American voting is the Republican’s bête noire, it already got a shit-ton noire-ier.


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