Passive depressive

Cantor and Boehner vie for leadership with tax cut bills (photo: talkradionews)

As the Robert’s Court five-conservative majority pretty much guaranteed a future of Voting ID and a new incentive (they needed one?) for the GOP to have absolutely no minority outreach at all…one surprising voice called out:

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) reacted late Tuesday afternoon to the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling that overturned a centerpiece of the Voting Rights Act.

“My experience with John Lewis in Selma earlier this year was a profound experience that demonstrated the fortitude it took to advance civil rights and ensure equal protection for all,” Cantor said in a statement provided to TPM. “I’m hopeful Congress will put politics aside, as we did on that trip, and find a responsible path forward that ensures that the sacred obligation of voting in this country remains protected.”

Well, that’s nice…and sadly probably the last effort the House GOP will make on the matter.

UPDATE: And speaking of the GOP, thanks to the actions of Wendy Davis and hundreds of women’s rights advocates their efforts to pass a terrible piece of anti-abortion legislation barely failed.

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