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Bradley Manning’s Trial, Day 10 (Live Updates)

Manning defense team. (Illustration by Clark Stoeckley.)

12:20 PM EST Gerald Mundy, who served as the Intelligence and Resource Branch Manager at the State Department, had his stipulated testimony entered into the record. It involved the firewall logs that showed Manning accessed the database of diplomatic cables.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the testimony was this: “There is no evidence that Pfc. Manning used any tools to defeat the firewall protection,” which means Manning did not engage in hacking to access the cables.

11:16 AM EST Former deputy chief information officer Charlie Wisecarver of the State Department did not know if the database of diplomatic cables would have the none of the “nation’s most closely held secrets.” He did say, however, it should not have had any “top secret information” since it was on the secret classified network.

No distribution, according to Wisecarver, was a caption for “messages of high sensitivity.” That could involve “something embarrassing about Department oF Defense. Something that should not be shared.”

11:15 AM EST At no point was the database of diplomatic cables – Net-Centric Diplomacy – ever inaccessible because Manning pulled cables from the database for release to WikiLeaks.

11:12 AM EST One of the tags on cables could be “TERREP” or “terrorist reporting.” According to a search on the “Cablegate Search” database, 29 cables given to WikiLeaks had this marking.

It is unknown what cables the military has charged Manning with disclosing without proper authorization because that information is classified.

11:09 AM EST There were no individual restrictions on access to the database of diplomatic cables. If someone had access to the database, they could basically go anywhere in the database without limitations, according to Wisecarver.

11:05 AM EST Former Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO) Charlie Wisecarver took the stand to testify as a prosecution witness. He described how the Net-Centric Diplomacy database (NCD), which contains the diplomatic cables Manning disclosed, was started.

It had been started after the September 11th attacks under the original program name, “Horizontal Fusion,” which was a Defense Department program. The intent was to make information available to the community that used the secret classified information network called SIPRNet. The idea was that “there’s a wealth of information that needed to be made available to folks on the ground, to the warfighters,” Wisecarver said.

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Military court proceedings at Fort Meade in Pfc. Bradley Manning’s trial continued with a full day of witnesses testifying and testimony from witnesses agreed upon between the government and defense being read into the record. [cont’d]

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