Anthony Weiner Might Actually Win the New York City Mayoral Race

anthony weiner

Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner

It seems Anthony Weiner may be the final piece of proof that “scandals” of purely of a sexual and personal nature are no longer a significant hindrance in American politics. The latest NBC NY/WSJ/Marist poll of the New York City mayoral race found that Weiner’s standing has improved significantly and he now has a very good chance of actually winning.

In the crowded Democratic primary Weiner leads in the first round. Weiner is currently at 25 percent and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is at 20 percent. A month ago Quinn had a five point lead over Weiner in the full primary.

What is really important though is the new head to head polling. If no primary candidate gets more than 40 percent of the vote, which seems a very likely outcome in this race, the top two face each other in a run off election.

Last month Quinn had a comfortable 15 point lead over Weiner in possible run off. Since then her lead has shrunk to only two points. The poll found Quinn at 44 percent and Weiner at 42 percent with 18 percent undecided.

Who ever wins the Democratic primary is assumed to be an overwhelming favorite in the general election.

Photo by Center for American Progress Action Fund released under Creative Commons License

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