From Eisenhower to Obama, an outline, for fun.

Some in geopolitics talk about deep government or secret government. Those are the parts of government that act out of public view, like the U.S. NSC or NSA or CIA. Contrasted with the allegedly open or public government, like POTUS, congress, courts.

Some would argue the tendency over time is for the forces behind the open government to become more powerful.

Here’s an outline of how deep government has turned each successive president of the U.S. into more of a figurehead, bereft of real power.

Eisenhower: term limits
(Nixon, his VP, relentless humiliations)
JFK: assassination
LBJ: resignation over Vietnam
Nixon: Watergate, impeachment, resignation, Vietnam
Ford: Continuity of Government, when Rumsfeld & Cheney took over
Carter: One term, Iran fiasco, Volcker’s Federal Reserve
Reagan: Grade B movie actor
G.H.W. Bush: One term, promoted before public was aware of his incompetence in prior job
Clinton: impeachment, hounded by scandals
W. Bush: content with being a puppet
Obama: narcissist, African-American who would not command the respect of the military