Over Easy: Monday Science

Cute, eh?

The Dumpling Squid

Good Morning!

As I write this, it is a hot humid Sunday morning and it ain’t even 10am. And I have a couple of acres of grass to cut. Not looking forward to that and fresh out of excuses not to do it.

We shall begin with quite possibly the worst news of the week: It appears that the waste in Hanford tank AY-102 has leaked out of the OUTER tank and is in the ground. Anytime you see the phrase “no immediate threat” when used to describe a nuclear accident, run away.

Neat new discoveries based upon study of prehistoric art in Appalachian Mountains.

It appears that Mars had a decent Oxygen atmosphere before Earth did. It’s becoming more and more amazing that none of the rovers have spotted conclusive life signs on Mars.

We have made a quantum transistor that will work in a normal environment. Expect devices using them within a few years.

Building the first publicly accessible space telescope. $1M raised already.

Campaign plank to get GM food acceptable in Europe: You’re all ignorant Luddites. Yup, that should work well.

Amphibian shares burrow with mammal to survive flooding. Neither make it, but their fossils proves this happened.

Commercial solar cells are about 20% efficient. Plants and bacteria are about 95% efficient. We’ve known for awhile that quantum effects HAD to be involved, here’s the latest. If only we were as good as algae.

An albino gorilla. Appears to be the result of inbreeding. As the population of gorilla’s shrink, we’ll see more recessive genes stepping forward.

We have evidence that humans began polluting with lead 8,000 years ago.

A table top particle accelerator. The LHC it ain’t, but 2GEV ain’t bad. The Higgs boson has a mass of about 125GEV and the LHC can hit about 14TEV for the sake of comparison.

Geothermal vent life is very interesting, it tends to support idea that anywhere there’s a harvestable source of energy, life will exist.  Europa is likely covered with these vents at the bottom of it’s 50 mile deep ocean.

The mating habits of the dumpling squid.

Boxturtle (What sadistic SOB came up with the idea of cutting grass? )


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