Majority of Americans Would Support Radical Campaign Finance Reform

A majority of Americans are prepared to support extreme campaign finance reform. According to a new Gallup poll 50 percent of the country would support banning all contributions by individuals and instead have campaigns entirely funded by the government. From Gallup:

Americans' Views on Law Creating a New, 100% Government-Funded Campaign Finance System for Federal Elections, June 2013

This system outlined in this question is actually far to the left of any proposal that has been really discussed in past few election cycles. Most public financing proposals that have been talked about are merely volunteer systems. A candidate would be able to either raise a lot of money from donors or accept a limit on donations in exchange for public financing if they can prove they have a sufficient base of small donors. Few organizations have endorsed or even talked about banning donations completely.

The poll also found that 79 percent support putting a limit on how much members of Congress can raise and spend on a campaign.

The public not only overwhelmingly supports more modest reforms to how campaigns are run, but is prepared to back massive reforms . With support for Congress at record lows, Americans believe real changes might be need to fix the system.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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