Mayors from all over America want the federal government to respect local marijuana laws. On Monday the United States Conference of Mayors passed a resolution calling on the federal government to allow state and local government to decide their own marijuana policies.

The resolution noted that marijuana prohibition has been costly, ineffective and “drains limited resources that could be better spent on programs that more effectively serve the public and keep our cities safe.”

The resolution calls on the federal government to amend the Controlled Substance Act to give individual states the ability to set their own marijuana policies without federal interference. In the meantime it asks President Obama to not waste federal resources on undermining the marijuana laws enacted by the states.

Multiples polls have found that Americans overwhelmingly share this basic sentiment. Gallup found that 64 percent of Americans think the federal government should not enforce federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized it. Similarly, a CBS News poll found 59 percent believe marijuana policy should be decided at the state level.

Note: Just Say Now activists were an important part of this resolution’s passage, and this is only the beginning of our efforts to engage US Mayors on the topic of marijuana reform. Please consider donating $5 or more to help Just Say Now continue to organize — and win — important campaigns like this one. — Brian Sonenstein, Campaign Director

Photo by The Other Dan released under Creative Commons License

Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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