Delectable Waters
by Gauguin

Words of God
Paul Gauguin


(Picture on bottom “The Invocation”,  courtesy of JimForest at, above my own.)

Since it’s summer and a bit hot to enjoy the outside art in D.C., I’ll be moving inside the National Gallery of Art.  If you haven’t been there, you have a treat in store.

Art from all the corners of earth can be found. I usually start by going to the right off the center, two entrances down, and left into impressionism and its companion works. Wandering around, you’ll get to spend time with visions of our world’s beauties presented in manners that delight, puzzle, intrigue, and always give us an experience worth our time.

When Paul Gauguin visited the south sea islands, he found a seething beauty that gave his work a passion that brought lasting notice and acclaim.

Primitivism was an art movement of late 19th century painting and sculpture; characterized by exaggerated body proportions, animal totems, geometric designs and stark contrasts. The first artist to systematically use these effects and achieve broad public success was Paul Gauguin. The European cultural elite discovering the art of Africa, Micronesia, and Native Americansfor the first time were fascinated, intrigued and educated by the newness, wildness and the stark power embodied in the art of those faraway places. Like Pablo Picasso in the early days of the 20th century, Gauguin was inspired and motivated by the raw power and simplicity of the so-calledPrimitive art of those foreign cultures.

Gauguin is also considered a Post-Impressionist painter. His bold, colorful and design oriented paintings significantly influenced Modern art. Artists and movements in the early 20th century inspired by him include Vincent van GoghHenri MatissePablo PicassoGeorges BraqueAndré DerainFauvismCubism and Orphism, among others. Later he influenced Arthur Frank Mathews and the American Arts and Crafts Movement.

What we find on our vacation may not startle and attract the world. It could be the art that we see on vacations that makes our world better.

By the Sea

Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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