Those Are People Who Died, Died

In the wake of Michael Hastings tragic death it should probably come as no surprise that conspiracy theories abound in the fertile, to say nothing of febrile, minds of America’s Alex Jones-Americans. You may remember when President Barack Obama consulted his Wingnut Disposition Matrix (which is actually just a carnival wheel that he spins) and then used his space-based Sonic Exploding Heart PulseCannon to kill Andrew Breitbart in Brentwood, just to watch him die.

When you’re POTUS, kicks just seem gettin’ harder to find.

In fact, Hastings and Breitbart had much in common; Hastings was an award-winning investigative journalist with an impeccable reputation and track record when it came to breaking news, while Andrew Breitbart was a fat sweaty drunk who liked to Rollerblade and scream “Stop raping people” at random passers by on the street. Also, they were both men.

While the LAPD (which is on the Conspiracy of Silence) tells us through the LA Times (which is also compromised) that there is no foul play suspected, an intrepid LAT commenter managed to slip through this web of lies and misdirection and false flags and deceit and  “I gotcher nose! I gotcher nose!” to remind us that Obama has a Kill List and no sleight is too slight to go unpunished:

americanreal at 11:03 PM June 20, 2013 Don’t forget

– Alex Okrent; 29 yrs old (July 2012) Obama staffer

– Steve Bridges (obama impersonator); 48 yrs old (March 3, 2012 — one day after Breitbart)

– Breitbart’s Coroner, Michael Cormier, 61 dies of poisoning (April 30, 2012)

– Ashley Turton (google to find out)

– Senator Mark Kirk, who replaced obama as senator has a debilitating stroke at age 51 in 2012

– Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz — age 52: obama’s dog trainer; died suddenly of unknown causes (Jan 2011)

– Richard Holbrooke, Amb to Afghanistan and Pakistan; died of “rare aortic tear” while at the State Dept in Washington DC; was well-known to be at odds with obama over strategy in Afghanistan

– Jeff Kotchounian (shot behind his barn — July 2012); promoter of Liberty Dollars, alternative currency

– Sheriff Larry Dever of AZ; died in one-vehicle wreck (Oct 2012); openly refused to enforce obama’s immigration laws

– Antronette K. Yancey; age 55 was board member on michelle obama’s “Let’s Move”; dies suddenly of lung cancer (april 2013)


so many more to list, so little time. At least this will give some perspective

I highlighted my personal favorite as a warning to those who don’t pick up their dog poop.

Two words: drones, bitchez….

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