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Snowden is our version of a self-immolating Buddhist monk

Edward Snowden is the American surveillance state version of a Buddhist monk setting himself on fire to protest a foreign invasion and devastation of one’s country.  The Mohamed Bouazizi of the United States.  It’s not easy to accept what is likely going to happen to him as a result of the service he has done for us all. While the message he exemplifies is still being manipulated in the MSM, he will remain a potent symbol for all those who would stand up to power regardless of how his image is portrayed.  If he survives to be captured and returned to the US, he may come to think longingly of how quickly and relatively painlessly he might have gone out.  It is my belief that the Security-Police State in which we increasingly find ourselves living, and which is being built and controlled by the self interest of powerful economic interests, cannot survive.  The defenders of the status quo will now be focused on techniques to cow the people into submission, self-regulation, and self censorship.

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