Here at the Netroots Nation convention in San Jose, CA, the presence of various American labor unions are in evidence  everywhere.

The National Education Association tells us a sad story about how 300,000 American teachers have been laid off in recent years — ever since No Child Left Behind decided to leave teachers behind too.

The Laborers’ International Union of North America says that they are ready, willing and able to put our country back to work, “rebuilding America’s energy systems, crumbling roads, bridges and transit  systems.”  Isn’t it time for them to finally start implementing our “Rooftop  Revolution” and bring solar power into every home?

The Alliance for American Manufacturing demands the  creation of more stuff that is “Made in America” — and I have their key chain to prove it too.  “Make corporations pledge to move jobs back to the United States where they belong.”  It’s as simple as that.

The SEIU gave a Karaoke party here.  I got to sing along with 2 Chainz — and support American workers at the same time.

The unions here at Netroots Nation all represent good  people, strong workers and proud Americans, trying to put the American economy  back together again.

But there is one union in America that did not come to  Netroots Nation.

There is one union in America that is doing everything it can to block our American economy from moving forward.

There is one union in America that goes on strike  constantly, for months at a time, even though these strikes severely damage our  country.

There is one union in America that bullies and threatens  its members to keep them in line.

There is one union in America that misappropriates its members’ funds — and even outright steals them if it thinks it can get away with  it.

There is one union in America that is lazy, self-serving,  corrupt, inefficient and determined to destroy the very fabric of our country  whenever it can.

“What union is that?” you might ask.

It’s the URSCR, of course.  The Union of Republican  Senators and Congressional Representatives.  And Washington DC is their union town.

PS:  I’m currently attending a workshop on “Red-White-and-Blue-Washing,” wherein our good American jobs are being all shipped overseas and yet  corporations try to make it appear that these jobs are being created at home.   NOT.

Thanks again, URSCR.

Jane Stillwater

Jane Stillwater

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