The late newspaper columnist Sydney Harris had a regular feature entitled “Things Found En Route to Looking Up Other Things”. Syd, be glad you didn’t make it into the Internet Age; every single one of your columns would have been “Things Found En Route to Looking Up Other Things” because the internet makes getting distracted so very, very easy.

For example: While reading this fine aged-beef post by Sally Jo Sorensen, I spotted this link to a post on how to hang game birds (short version: hang whole, in feathers, for three to seven days between 50 and 55F, don’t hang ducks or farm-raised birds for more than three days, don’t hang young chickens, do hang pheasants and chickens over a year old).

While savoring that wisdom, I stumbled across this link to a British-born food historian’s reminiscences of having pheasant for Christmas dinner when she was a little girl in the 1950s.

So how’s it hanging with you all tonight?

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman