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I know it seems rather quaint compared to what the NSA can do, but cases against Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp continue to percolate along in regard to the hacking of phone calls.

What has been missing, is a suit alleging that News Corp hacked into phones in America.

Until now…and in a rather unexpected manner.

News Corporation is facing its first phone-hacking lawsuit in the US after a former stunt double for Angelina Jolie launched a lawsuit alleging her mobile phone messages were intercepted by the now defunct News of the World and the Sun.

The civil claim opens up a potential new frontline in News Corporation’s battle to close the scandal, with the Sun accused of phone hacking for the first time.

Granted, this is a new blurb on an old story…but at least it doesn’t involve a Republican Congressman fixated on fetuses masturbating (only boys though).



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