By now, most have heard how Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has responded when he heard that protestors went to his house because for months he would not speak with them through ordinary channels.
Yes, he went on the Glenn Beck radio program to denounce their actions even though he and his family were not home to witness the peaceful, law-abiding demonstration. Members of the Sunflower Community Action group, and 36 other groups, after a town hall meeting and prayer vigil in Kansas City, went to Kobach’s home, in four rented buses to bring the message of immigration reform to the secretary.
The Sunflower Community Action webpage gives a list of local news reports.
Many who came to Kobach’s house, did nothing but walk up on his porch, or stand around, speak through a megaphone, held signs, and then left, leaving shoes behind, in a telling mark of symbolism that any human would recognize.

Not so for this elite Oxford grad. In contrasting, typically ignorant ‘get off my lawn’ fashion, he made mention of the second ammendment, on the radio, to a national audience, telling Beck, and his audience, “There are situations like this where you have a mob and you do need to be able to protect yourself.” He wasn’t even there, didn’t seem to want to find out who these neighbors were, called the cops, and then defamed them all to a national audience, guaranteed to tickle the hind brains of gun fetishists and racists everywhere. Coward.

Yes, Kobach also asked local police to investigate, which they have confirmed, according to Kctv 5, a local tv news show.

Obviously, Kobach does not understand what it means to be a good neighbor, or a good leader. If I were in his shoes, I would not have drafted the descriminatory, unconstitutional and unhelpful laws that he has produced for the states of Arizona, Kansas, Alabama and others.

Instead I would have agreed to meet with constituents rather than refuse to answer their calls. That’s a textbook case of being a bad politician and a horrible leader. If 300 people showed up at my house – and I do live just down the road – I would offer them lemonade and give them a chance to speak. Then, tell them what I could do for them, and then, ask for their vote.

Secretary Kobach, from afar, reacted in fear, hate and then claimed their legitimate attempts at mere communication were tactics ‘like the KKK’. What paranoid mindset must it take to respond like this? It certainly is not a Kansan value. Not one I have ever seen in any Kansan I have ever met.
Perhaps,Secretary Kobach feels more at home in the bosom of Glenn Beck and his ilk and perhaps, he should think seriously of moving to Beck’s Independence, USA, currently at an undisclosed location.

Meanwhile, Secretary Kobach is scheduled to field questions, Thursday, 20 June on a local radio program, “Up To Date with Steve Kraske” on a Kansas City, NPR-affiliate KCUR. Kraske’s show is a family-oriented morning show that airs, 11 AM (CST). Kraske himself is an even-handed open-minded KC Star reporter who has a congenial temperment in interviewing and asking questions, rather than an antagonistic style. However, this can be a very good method, simply saying, “there are people that say so-and-so”, or ‘it’s said that you have said so-and-so’ and following up with, ‘What do you say about that?” allowing the interviewee to then deal with the question in their own way.

I do not expect Kobach to get ruffled by Kraske’s questions. But my thought is that if people want their questions to be heard by Sec Kobach, this may be the best way to acccomplish that since our Secretary woefully, cynically will not address the public in any other meaningful way. Questions, as Mr Kraske says, every day, can be sent to his show’s site at KCUR. Kraske regularly uses listener questions on air and I bet there may be many who can ask much more artful questions than this humble writer. Let him know.