These links have some ideas to avoid being spied on but I would prefer the techies at FDL weigh in and give us their ideas.
Also the best way to protest American spying is once the techies weigh in and give us our best options to avoid spying every post and at the very least every post about internet spying list ways to avoid internet spying.

Plus think of all the traffic FDL will get if people say you want to avoid internet spying go to FDL and just click any post at the bottom of every post is a list of ways to avoid internet spying.
We don’t want just links we need a short explanation to make it more user friendly.
Plus if FDL does this and keeps doing it then we create controversy and make the MSM cover this story more.

We can expect if we do this the WH to get very angry at us. We can expect Google to bury searches for FDL. But that just creates more controversy we can’t let this story die. Even if we all end up getting spied on more by the Government.

I hope Jane and the High Command at FDL consider this idea. Also may I suggest the front page off to the side would be a good place to put ways to avoid Government internet  spying so all can see.

(Since I am not a techie  and don’t know for sure about the information on the link I won’t comment on the ideas on the link but I hope readers do and mention what they think and their own ideas to avoid internet spying by the government. )


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