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Internet and Social Media as Tools of Freedom – Panel Discussion Livestream


Posted by greydogg, 99GetSmart

Live streaming from Brussels:

Starts TODAY 16:00

On 18th June in the European Parliament, MEPs Pawe? Zalewski and Amelia Andersdotter will host a joint conference on “Internet and Social Media as Tools for Freedom”. The event aims at presenting the role of the internet and social media in building civil society and fighting with oppression.

The conference will focus on the recent events in Turkey, the revolution in Tunisia that was part of the Arab Spring, and mass protests against ACTA in Poland. All of these events have one thing in common – their participants, unhappy with their governments actions decided to act and used the internet to organize themselves.

Idea of using technical tools in spreading ideas is not new. Internet is just the latest, more complex and efficient way of transmitting information and providing access to conversation and thus creating shared awareness. What most important is the internet and social media ability to serve as a space for discussion because this is how civil society and political opinions are formed. This helps to strengthen public sphere, gives more opportunities to engage in public speech and enables to undertake collective actions. Also the coordination role of social media cannot be overestimated.

Using Twitter and Facebook the protesters can organize in a very easy way that does not require any formal organizations, helps to save time, and does not involve big funds.
The basic truth is that communicative freedom is good for political freedom. And the internet provides means to support civil society and the public sphere which will cause change in a long run.


18 June 2013 16:00-18:00 European Parliament, Room ASP A5G3

16:00-16:15 Opening remarks by MEP Pawe? Zalewski

16:15-17:30 Panel discussion
Lina Ben Mhenni (blogger Tunisian Girl)
Gürkan Özturan (blogger from Turkey)
Amelia Andersdotter MEP
Katarzyna Szymielewicz (President od Panoptykon Foundation)
Jaros?aw Lipszyc (President of Nowoczesna Polska Foundation)
Pawe? Zalewski MEP

17:30-17:50 Q&A session

17:50-18:00 Conclusion – Pawe? Zalewski MEP

18:00-18:30 opening of the exhibition „From samizdat to Internet”

18:30 reception

More information about speakers:

Pawe? Zalewski

Amelia Andersdottter

Lina Ben Mhenni

Gürkan Özturan

Katarzyna Szymielewicz

Jaros?aw Lipszyc

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