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Over Easy: Monday Science

Cute, eh?

Nobody is going to counterfeit me!


Hope everyone had a happy Fathers’ Day. Our cookout and bonfire almost got rained out, but it was dry enough to grill. Now we still have to have a bonfire to get rid of the brush. No global warming stories today, so I won’t feel guilty.

Counterfeiting is a problem and not just money. Any gamer will tell you horror stories of Chinese lookalikes. Butterflys have given us a solution. This could be used on any physical object, including drug capsules.

20 weird sea creatures from Russia’s White sea for your enjoyment. I’ve never heard of the White Sea before, which made me feel kind of stupid. So here’s the wiki link, so the rest of you can pretend you knew about it all along.

The Cold Dark Matter theory gets a boost from massive galaxies. Matches theoretical predictions exactly. But I’m gonna mutter epicycles until we have a particle or particles identified.

Perhaps Dark Matter is made of particles with a donut shaped electromagnetic field. The field would be confined in the torus and not detected.

Perhaps Dark Matter is made of odd combinations of preons? Riiiight, what’s a preon? Well, if quarks aren’t elementary particles (and ALMOST every bit of hard data we have says they are), preons are what they are composed of, either 3 or 6 each depending of the theory. The one major clue that quarks might not be elementary particles is that they decay, which certainly implies something going on inside. Preon theories have successfully described that decay.

Elsewhere in the cosmos, a Black Hole takes a nap after a meal. Yet it should be eating well in such a major star forming area. Where’s the matter? Perhaps if a black hole eats CDM, it doesn’t show? H/T to Ruth.

Closer to home, the asteroid that just flew past us is being described as something entirely new. In the 1960’s, we’d probably have planned a mission to it for it’s next time around. Thanks to austerity, we won’t waste that money now!

A correlation between language sounds and high altitude is found. Speculate what a Georgia accent would sound like if it had been born a few thousand feet higher. Or a Boston twang.

Japan refused decontamination help, even from their own people. Note the paragraph describing bio concentration of radiation in fungus. I’ve posted about that black fungus before.

And our own mess at Hanford just got worse. And now we’re seeing green liquid that we hadn’t seen before. But don’t panic! Per authorities, the total amount leaked in the last year is only about a can of soda. A bright green, deadly radioactive can of soda flavored with Plutonium. The tank is deteriorating and that will accelerate.

Hydrogen is good fuel, as it creates water when burned. But our methods of obtaining hydrogen cost more energy than they produce,  generate carbon, or require expensive platinum catalysts. Here’s a method using Nickel nano-particles.

Humboldt squid use Bio-luminescent bacteria as an alarm clock.

Boxturtle (Meet the House of Representatives Science Committee. *sigh*)

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