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Pull Up a Chair

Have any of you ever scored with a gift for your dad for Father’s Day?

The one present I ever gave my dad that I knew hit the spot was a scrapbook retracing the cross country trip he and I and the dog took years ago. We just sort of wandered around the country, we didn’t have a hard and fast schedule so we were free to check out whatever struck us as interesting along the way. It’s fun way to travel.

My dad wasn’t a truck dad, but after he retired he bought himself a classic Ford pickup. He tricked out the back, putting in benches that would fold out to be the base for his sleeping bag, with plenty of room for his Charley. He made a folding formica-topped table with a well considered rim so nothing could slide off it. He fashioned wooden storage boxes that fit under the benches to hold gear and games. Etcetera.

And then we set off on our excellent adventure.

Along the way I’d kept a little travel book where I jotted down odd things we did or funny observations made. I collected postcards and other ephemera as well. Using all that, and maps, after we got back I recreated the trip for him. Modern day scrappers got nothing on me, except the acid free paper – and for god’s sake kids, there’s a reason they tell you not to use rubber cement!

Let’s talk Dads.

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