If Gabriel Gomez Supports ENDA, Why Doesn’t He Say So Publicly?

Today Washington Blade claims that “Gabriel Gomez endorses ENDA“, the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act.  Congressman Ed Markey and Mr. Gomez are vying for the U. S. Senate seat recently vacated by Secretary of State John Kerry.

In an email provided to the Washington Blade, Gabriel Gomez, a former Navy SEAL, announced his support for the legislation.

“I support ENDA, because I do not believe in discrimination of any kind, including discrimination by sexuality,” Gomez said.

“An email provided to the Washington Blade” isn’t convincing evidence that Gomez’s alleged support for ENDA is genuine or durable. Nowhere is there a statement on ENDA on Gomez’s website, Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Mr. Gomez refused to state his support for ENDA when asked directly at a press event two weeks ago.  If he has now decided to declare his support for the bill, why do it via an unattributed email to a newspaper based in Washington, D. C.?  Why not splash it all over his online media, the Boston Globe and other Massachusetts media outlets?  Remember, he’s running for one of Massachusetts’s U. S. Senate seats, not for a seat on the D. C. council.

Either the Gomez campaign is too inept to get his genuine ENDA-supportive message out to the voters of Massachusetts, or Gomez wants to dangle alleged support for the bill before LGBT activists in Washington, D. C. and online LGBT readers while keeping it quiet among conservative Republican voters in Massachusetts.

Either way, Mr. Gomez still comes off as shifty on the issue.  I thought Navy SEALs acted decisively.  Evidently not necessarily, some 17 years after leaving the Navy.

The special election to fill the vacant Senate seat is June 25th.

Cross-posted at Blue Mass Group.

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