Church Committee 2.0, Come In Please

At a time when nearly three-quarters of all U.S. intelligence gathering and analysis are being conducted by private corporations, we as a country have approached perilously close to what Franklin D. Roosevelt described as “the essence of fascism.”

In light of public disclosures the last week or two concerning the extent of intelligence gathering activities undertaken by U.S. governmental agencies hand-in-hand with corporate partners, both at home and abroad, it’s pretty clear that the time has come for us, as citizens and elected representatives, to take a cold, hard look at the behavior and practices that have developed from that partnership.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) is Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and therefore in position to convene a new “Senate Select Committee to Study US Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities,” which we would hope to operate along the lines of the Church Committee of 1975.

The difference being, of course, back then the NSA, CIA & FBI were keeping all the good stuff largely in-house and not outsourcing the majority of it to the likes of Booz Allen Hamilton, Northrup Grumman, & SAIC, among many others.

Please take a look at the full petition to Senator Leahy here:

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