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It’s Cartoon Friday again!

Space Ghost

Space Ghost doubles as a talk show host and superhero through the decades.

Hanna-Barbera is not as well regarded these days as other cartoon studios, but they made some classic cartoon moments. Space Ghost took the superhero archetype and moved it to deep space, where the titular hero fought intergalactic evil with the help of his sidekicks Jace, Jan and Blip the monkey. Jace, by the way, was voiced by Tim Matheson, who also voiced Jonny of Jonny Quest.

Space Ghost started in 1966, with a second series in 1981. In 1994, he became part of the beginning of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network as the host of talk-show style cartoons Cartoon Planet and Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast — much like the other Hanna-Barbera reboot Sealab 2021. Villains Zorak, Brak and Moltar came along to become his talk show co-hosts and band leader, which led in turn to another spin-off — my personal favorite — The Brak Show, with once villainous genius Brak now envisioned as the naive son in a off-kilter but stereotypical 50s sitcom family, and mantis-alien Zorak becoming the neighborhood bully. Somehow it worked.

For now though, let’s focus on the delightful, campy b-movie fun of this second series Space Ghost adventure, “Planet of the Space Monkeys” from 1981. Space Ghost is quite the multi-faceted hero — he can fly like Superman, but also has a space ship and the ability to shoot laser beams from his bracelets. I quite like this adorable little manga style version of him that illustrates this piece.

Thanks to Ohio Barbarian for suggesting Space Ghost. What are your favorite cartoons? I’ll try to use your suggestions in a future installment if I can.

More: Wikipedia on Space Ghost

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Photo by Yashodan Talwar released under a Creative Commons license.

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