By now, if you don’t know the story of National Security Agency contractor Ed Snowden’s revelation to the press of a massive operation to collect phone and internet records of literally billions of people world wide, then you must live under a rock. The story has been told quite well here at FDL and elsewhere, so I won’t insult your intelligence by repeating it here.

The official reaction was typical and contained no surprises; the usual blather about the necessity of secret programs to protect us from terrorism and how oh-so-constitutional and up-and-up it all is. The corporate media almost immediately published a Pew Research Poll showing that 56% of Americans actually approved of the data-mining that many of us had suspected for decades but been unable to prove in any detail. It’s probably no coincidence that the poll came out at about the same time the American Civil Liberties Union filed suit against the program in Federal Court. My first reaction was that the poll had to have been deliberately skewed by the sampling. It turns out I was right.

Gallup, CBS News, and Reuters/Ipsos quickly came out with very different results, as described by Paul Joseph Watson in this article.  The most consistent finding was that more Democrats than Republicans, by 49 to 32%, approved of the NSA snooping. Well, of course! We just have to trust Holy O to know what is best for us. Democrats defending the right of the federal government to secretly spy on the American people just because it can. After all, Holy O came out in support of gay marriage and the right of women to be killed and maimed in combat, and we have to support the Democrats so the Big Bad Republicans don’t take over and make things so much worse!

The same people who called for Nixon’s head 40 years ago and for Bush II’s ten years ago now defend Obama for allowing a program of which Tricky Dick and J. Edgar Hoover could only dream. The hypocrisy is total. Words cannot adequately describe my disgust. Not that the Republicans are any better. I’m sure that if Romney was in the White House, the numbers would be reversed. D-Team and R-Team cheerleaders. They’re even less useful to society than the Blues and the Greens of Justinian’s Constantinople. At least the latter were sports fans.

Meanwhile, where are they actually marching in the streets do defend Ed Snowden? Hong Kong, and refreshingly, New York, as described in this Nation piece. But what brings suburban Ohioans into the street?

Kittens. That’s right, kittens. This past Monday a mother in North Ridgeville, a suburb of Cleveland, called animal control to remove a feral mama cat and her kittens from the wood pile out back, because they had fleas and were depositing small dead animals in her yard. She was reasonably concerned about the safety of her children, and did the appropriate thing.

The “Humane Officer,” retired policeman Barry Accorti, “euthanized” the cats on the spot by pulling out his gun and blowing them away while the children watched from an upstairs window. Charming. The mother was horrified, and complained to the North Ridgeville Police who, after an undoubtedly dogged and thorough investigation, found that Officer Accorti had acted appropriately.

Well, THAT did it. Dozens of outraged suburbanites made signs and showed up outside of police headquarters to protest this heinous crime of animal cruelty.  Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree with them. What the “Humane” officer did was totally unnecessary and well, just downright mean. I’m a cat lover myself. One of them is purring and rubbing around my feet as I type this. It’s just that I know damned well that some of those marchers are the same people who defend Holy O’s drone strikes, and would probably have justified the cat-slayings if Obama himself had done it because he had secret evidence that the kittens were being used by Al-Qaeda to plot a terrorist attack on one of the nearby highway bridges.

Man, this country’s priorities are so messed up, but most of you already knew that. Oh, well, at least the Spurs blew out LeBum James and the Miami Heat the other night. And have a nice day.

Ohio Barbarian

Ohio Barbarian