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The head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation said today that the Department of Justice has “an on-going investigation” into the disclosure of protected information regarding the spying activities of the National Security Administration. 

Information published last week by the Guardian UK revealed that the NSA has been collecting and storing billions of digital communications, from phone conversations and email communications to social networking postings and the records of private commercial transactions for at least ten years.

Mueller told members of the House Judiciary Committee that the DOJ is “taking all necessary steps to hold the person responsible for these disclosures.” 

Mueller also stated his conviction that the massive data collection and analysis program that the NSA has conducted for the past decade, which has focused both on foreign nationals as well as American citizens charged with no crime, is being conducted in a manner that does not contravene American’s Constitutional rights or US laws.

In general, the subjects of law enforcement investigations are not publically disclosed so as to not jeapordize on-going investigative inquiries. Official actions that law enforcement agencies take, on the other hand, such as allegations related to court filings, are public documents, and are available for review by all members of the public in our open society.