The techniques used by propagandist are well known, therefore the smearing of Snowden is about as standard as kicking an extra point after a touchdown. It is the framing of the issue that is important.
Snowden along with B. Manning, will become a litmus test for our fascist overlords on how “loyal and patriotic” a person is to the Empire. Thus these polls are spewed out on the public to affirm the allegiance to Empire. The questions on these polls are designed such that the respondent doesn’t fully understand what they are being asked. “Traitor vs Hero” is a simplistic dichotomy for people to understand and dovetails well with ‘its okay if its only on foreigners’ meme. This is so because these are camouflaged questions about the loyalty to the goals of the American hegemony. Blind loyalty, as much as Americans say they are against it, are perhaps some of the most easily influenced sheeple on the planet. This may be no  accident as well, we have the highest concentration of televisions on the planet.

I have written this before: The sudden outrage on domestic spying is almost like a called misdirection play in American football, defense is fooled that the ball is going left while the ball is really going right.
Therefore perhaps a better question to be asked what is the purpose of all this spying? Obviously it is not about “terrorism” or keeping anyone safe. “National Security” is just another new speak word. So who stands to gain by all this spying? Perhaps what we are really getting a glimpse of is the massive network of industrial spying and espionage that goes on between the corporations loyal to the American Imperial cause and those that are operating outside of their hegemony? Are Google, Verizon, Apple, etc, perhaps playing the innocent patsy who were just following the law or is there some quid pro quo going on?
Collusion and monopoly is a feature of capitalism and American history is littered with examples of this.  The banking and manufacturing industries of America have always talked about free markets and competition but have actively tried to gain and maintain monopolies.  So why wouldn’t the information and technology industry do the same?  It is also part of the American historical record that industries collude with government to advance their goals.


Fascism has been with us for a long time.

“Resistance is feasible even for those who are not heroes by nature, I believe, for those who fear the consequences and detest the reality of the attempt to impose American hegemony.”- Noam Chomsky