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Even this adorable otter is telling his friends that After Earth sucks.

It’s been rough for Will Smith. Not only is After Earth flopping in the box office, podcasts like How Did this Get Made are already making fun of it, and critics coast-to-coast are panning it. Worst of all, it’s being compared to Battlefield Earth and suggested that the terrible plot and emphasis on removal of emotions are based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard — not least because it ends with a battle on a volcano that looks ripped straight from the cover of Dianetics.

Now along come these two pranksters, pretending to be Scientologists. Their video is still viewable, but the Daily Dot reports that their website,, was suspended by GoDaddy after the receipt of a DMCA takedown notice:

The video was created by Jason Selvig of the Good Liars, the comedy duo responsible for the Time Warner Cable parody campaign that made news in April. It’s an innocuous and not exceptionally clever video. And mysteriously, the website has been taken down by GoDaddy.

“They said it was Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement, and False Identity,” Selvig told the Daily Dot. “The latter is fucking ridiculous if you could have seen the site.”

The obvious suspect behind the take down is the church itself. Of course, there’s no hard evidence for this. But its penchant for overreaction, its comic adherence to secrecy, and its kabal of Hollywood faithfuls (Will Smith, who wrote the story forAfter Earth, is himself a supporter) all conspire to make the church the only interested party with enough power, authority, and proclivity for stray censorship to go after the lo-fi spoof.

Whether it’s especially clever or not, I can’t resist anyone pranking the CoS.

Also, break this link out next time someone tells you racism is no longer a problem in the USA. Especially if they are a basketball fan.


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Photo by Yuri Levcheno released under a Creative Commons license.

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