The Boston Marathon Bombing and the Media: Or, How I Stopped Believing in CNN

I am very happy to have found firedoglake. Ever since I began following the Marathon Bombing story, I have begun to feel increasingly manipulated by the mainstream media.

Dutifully following instructions issued by CNN, Americans are screaming for the blood of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. “Why should he be allowed to call his parents? Why are they giving him chicken and rice? Let’s just execute him right now!” Totally forgotten is that one pesky detail: he hasn’t yet been tried and convicted.

Although I have always been one of those much-villified people who dare to feel sympathy for Dzhokhar, up until recently I, too, assumed that he is guilty. CNN showed us a video of two guys walking with backpacks. We were told a confused story about a carjacking and a gunfight. OK, case closed!

I studied Dzhokhar’s Tweets, I psychoanalyzed him, I prayed for him, I twisted my brain into a pretzel over what could have caused this “kind, compassionate” young man to suddenly snap. I felt that I understood his cause, though of course disagreeing with the violence of the attack. But, I never questioned his guilt!

As the story progressed, I began to notice the obvious lies. The preposterous “note in the boat.” The execution of Igrahim Todashev. I saw how fishy it all looked, but I wrote it off as part of the campaign to stir up maximum hatred for Muslims — a campaign which is certainly succeeding brilliantly.

Then I ran across an article which introduced me to the concept of FBI entrapment and false flags. Why would the Feds ask us to help them identify two guys who they had been watching and interviewing for two years? Good question! I decided to find out what the “conspiracy nuts” had to say. I saw patriots and pinkos, congressmen and respected commentators, all talking seriously about a false flag plot. I learned about the possible “white backpack” defense. I re-discovered a quaint, antiquated concept called “reasonable doubt.”

If Dzhokhar IS a scapegoat, the propaganda value may be compromised by his “personal charm” factor. (Have you seen that cute uncle-niece video on UTube? Geez, how “chilling!” He appears to be absolutely normal!) Maybe the alleged plotters should have killed him and kept the reportedly angry and abrasive Tamerlan alive and on display as the perfect Evil Muslim Terrorist.

I don’t know if the Tsarnaev brothers are guilty or innocent. I’m not qualified to analyze either the hard evidence or the psychology of the thing. I hope that Dzhokhar is innocent. But, I don’t know.

The one thing I do know is that I will never again look at the mainstream media in the same way!

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