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Our life’s work maybe killing us.

I have been meaning to do a dairy on this subject for a while, then I came across this item on the BBC website in their health section.  Early deaths: Regional variations ‘shocking’.   The article and those it speaks of miss the boat, I think. if you look at the map (sorry cannot embed) you might notice that the areas with the highest rate of early deaths are those around the major metro areas and the surrounding suburbs.

That it’s not their health care system that’s at fault but the very nature of the life styles of those who have to work for a living that is causing the premature demise. The continued stress our economic system creates along with the fast food diets we consume to save time.  This continued living a life in a “fight or flight” mode runs rough shod over our bodies. Effecting our immune system and circulatory system.

Another good reason to change it.

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