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Ed Snowden Drives Our Democracy to the Hospital.

Imagine this scenario…

A friend and I are walking down a city street. A random gunman indiscriminately shoots my friend. I know that this friend of mine carries a hand gun. I grab his gun and shoot the perpetrator dead. I then help my friend to our car and rush him to the hospital running some red lights and exceeding the speed limit.

I will have broken any number of laws, including shooting a man to death. I would never stand trial for the death of the gunman, or even get a traffic ticket. I would be hailed as a hero and probably appear on every network morning “news” show.

Ed Snowden witnessed multiple, potentially lethal, shots to our democracy. He picked up their weapon and our fragile democracy and drove them to the hospital, in this case The Guardian, in a desperate attempt to save it. For this he will be denigrated by the MSM, including NPR. We will constantly be reminded that Snowden was a high school drop-out who didn’t make it out of basic training in the army. The MSM will always refer to his whistle blowing as “criminal.” The lengths the government mouth pieces, pundits, and “reporters” are going too in order to depict Snowden’s actions as “not legally whistle blowing” is astounding.

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson hated each other. I can’t imagine Jefferson being good with people from the Adams’ Administration intercepting all of his mail and justifying it with the logic “If you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about.”

I agree with Daniel Ellsberg that the NSA leak is the most important leak in American history, including the Pentagon Papers. Both his and Bradley Manning’s are not to be diminished in any way; they both exposed what our government has done in the name of Empire. Snowden’s revelations have exposed what is being done in the name of totalitarianism. The last stage of empire is the installation of the Emperor.

Ed Snowden is a hero.

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