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Turkey: Artists Accused of “Civilian Coup”

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Submitted by Turkish political analyst / blogger, Gürkan Özturan, from Istanbul

Here is the nightly report on the events in Turkey for 10-6-13:

Today’s most important development has been the artists and actors reading out a press release concerning their lives. Several government-leaning media sources have been scapegoating many different groups over the last couple of weeks, but the noted actors and actresses have received the lion’s share in the blame game.

One particular newspaper showed the example of MiMinör, a dystopian theatrical play by Meltem Arikan, with leading roles acted out by Memet Ali Alabora and Pinar Ogun.  The three people have been very involved with Green and environmentalist movements, alongside many other famous intellectuals and celebrities. While it is almost a “must” to side with environmentalist and animal rights movements for celebrities, the newspaper Yeni Safak went one step ahead to put the blame on the play, stating that it was a try-out for the civilian coup to topple the government.

In the play, there is an oppressive ruler (Mr. Alabora) who holds every channel of communication and control of a government under siege and infrequently sells “freedom of speech” to those who can afford it. It is a play focusing on a popularly elected government turning oppressive, in great detail. While the play focuses on generation of public approval, there is a victimized pianist (Ms. Ogun) trying to prove her existence in society and encouraging an insurgence against the oppressors through social-media engagement.

The conspiracy theorists of the government see this as a parody of Erdogan’s rule, comparing him to the ruthless dictator portrayed in the play. Reacting to the blame aimed at the cast of the play, the artists felt the necessity to organize a press conference to declare publicly that their lives are in danger. The artists noted that they are going to ask for police protection against possible attacks from fanatics.

The mainstream media’s stand has not changed, still broadcasting and printing in the way that the government wants; it is hard to change position when one is bound organically and economically to the government. The few opposition voices in the print media will perish with the new regulations on alcohol restrictions being approved by President Gül, making it illegal for alcohol companies to sponsor print media (35% of the revenues of many print newspapers that employed opposition voices came from alcohol ads).

As rumors spread that AKP youth organizations are registering to become part of the riot police forces, the peaceful resistance keeps their stand in the parks and squares, numbering an approximate 5 million every night. Upon the news of 6 policemen committing suicide due to remorse at the attitude shown the last 10 days, regular police groups also felt the necessity to call for restraint. The last development of the day was the police union’s call to the Prime Minister asking him to keep his promises and respond to several demands. The demands can be seen here:

As PM Erdogan stated earlier that there is an end to his patience and that anyone who has been in supportive attitude towards these protesters, there is rising tension that there might be another crackdown in Gezi Park. Right next to these worries is the cheerful festive atmosphere of the park and an explosion of creativity in many fields, showing representative examples from every aspect of the park-commune now:

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