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Why is the GOP so clueless on the Asian Vote?

According to exit polls in the Nov. 6 election, Asian American voters favored Obama over Romney by a ratio of more than 3-to-1 (76 percent versus 23 percent)

Asians are wealthier than many other groups and better educated so why aren’t they voting Republican? I thought the GOP was the party of rich people? Charles Murray blames bad GOP public image and of course claims this public image is false. Lots of luck Charles trying to change the GOP’s public image with Rush still on the air.


Asians are only half as likely to identify themselves as “conservative” or “very conservative” as whites, and less than half as likely to identify themselves as Republicans. Asians are not only a lot more liberal than whites; a higher percentage of Asians identify themselves as “liberal” or “extremely liberal” (22%) than do blacks (19%) or Latinos (17%). And depending on which poll you believe, somewhere in the vicinity of 70% of Asians voted for Barack Obama in the last presidential election.

Something’s wrong with this picture.

If you’re looking for a natural Republican constituency, Asians should define “natural.”

Republicans are seen by Asians—as they are by Latinos, blacks, and some large proportion of whites—as the party of Bible-thumping, anti-gay, anti-abortion creationists. Factually, that’s ludicrously inaccurate.

My bold We have all laughed at Charles trying to claim the GOP is not  the party of Bible-thumping, anti-gay, anti-abortion creationists.  We add that the GOP is the anti science, anti global warming party and most of all the racist party and while Asians are more college educated and wealthier the GOP lost the college educated group among all races including Whites so its not just Asians the GOP has a this problem with. College educated people are more likely to believe in climate change, be less anti Gay, less racist etc.

Not a high school graduate    64   35   1     3
High school graduate    51   48   1    21
Some college education    49    48   3    29
College graduate    47    51   2    29
Postgraduate education    55    42   3    18,_2012#Voter_demographics

First column Obama, second Mitt,  third other fourth total percent of the vote.


Notice that Mitt only one the college graduate category by 4 points some college and Post Grad Mitt lost and I suspect he only won the college graduate category because of older White voters.

Which brings us to the real reason Mitt lost the Asian vote.

The percentage of Asians, age 25 and older, who have a bachelor’s degree or higher level of education. Asians have the highest proportion of college graduates of any race or ethnic group in the country and this compares with 28 percent for all Americans 25 and older.

the percentage of Asian Americans enrolled at Harvard has surprisingly declined, from 20.6 in 1993 to about 16.5 throughout most of the last decade. This is in spite of the fact that the college age Asian American population has “roughly doubled” over this period.

They find that being Asian is the equivalent of a 140 point score penalty on your SAT when applying to top private universities. For example, a white student that scored 1360 on the SATs would be on equal footing with an Asian student that scored 1500.

Any population where 50% of the people over 25 have college degrees but college enrollment has dropped about 6 points at Harvard as the population has doubled and must score 140 more points than anyone else just to get into the top private universities is going to be angry over legacy admissions.

William Bowen, of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and colleagues found that, within a given SAT-score range, being a legacy increased one’s chances of admission to a selective institution by 19.7 percentage points. That is to say, a given student whose academic record gave her a 40-percent chance of admissions would have nearly a 60-percent chance if she were a legacy.

The children of alumni generally make up 10 to 25 percent of the student body at selective institutions.

But But Minorities get into college too with lower scores.

Yes but Asians as a group are well educated they realize that Minority Schools are short changed on funds and there but for the grace of God go I. Besides its real hard to find dark people in the Ivy League to be mad at.


In the fall of 2011, the undergraduate enrollment at Princeton was 6.5 percent Latino, 5.1 percent black, 11.8 percent Asian, and 36.4 percent white (the remaining 40 percent count as multiracial, Native American, foreign students, or unknown).

Its is note worthy that Charles Murray a Harvard Professor does not seem to know anything about the Ivy League’s discrimination against Asian students. Or maybe he thinks that the 50% of Asian voters don’t care that they are going to Harvard in lesser numbers even though their population has doubled, the number of Asians going to college has gone up and the number of Asians who can afford to go to Harvard has gone up.

NOVEMBER 13, 2011

Like it or not, 40 percent of the class at most top colleges are reserved for “hooked” kids — the largest group is generally recruited athletes (up to 20 percent), the rest are legacies, underrepresented minorities, development cases (donors) and V.I.P.’s (famous people’s kids).

6.5 percent Latino, 5.1 percent black, at the Ivy League  if athletes are 20% then Athletic admissions are mostly going to White Students even if you assume every African American at college plays Football and Basket Ball and every Latino plays soccer. I don’t think Asians and Foreign students are over represented in sports.  Athletic Admissions seem to be a sly way of getting more Whites into college. I wonder how many are also Legacies, V.I.P kids. kids of the very rich and how many are middle class kids.

Legacy and athletic admissions should be ended. School funding should be equal for everyone and the day the first minority kids who went kindergarden through high school to equally funded schools apply for college then minority admissions should be ended.

That is if the GOP is serious about getting Asian votes that is.

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